Daniela Zahradnikova is DZZone’s CEO and producer, currently advising artists and fashion-forward designers on distribution and usage of social media to develop marketing leverage. Following her successful modeling career, Daniela served numerous Sales & Marketing leadership positions, such as VIP Relationship Manager for the Mercer Hotel in SoHo, NY; Sales Manager for Georgio’s in Palm Beach, FL; Sales Promotion and Marketing Manager for Zoom, Southampton, NY.
Daniela has also co-founded Space Sixteen (2014), where she served as Creative Director and Marketing Strategist to identify emerging yet promising designers and artists. Among the leading designers and artists were NFP, Fairchild Baldwin, Andraab, Casana, AGF, Tusk, Lorenz-Bach, Giorgio of Palm Beach, Olfactive Studio and Victor DeSouza, Peter Reginato, King Saladeenn, Craig Holt, Edwina Sandys and Jeffrey Teresen.
Elena Baltzoglou is a Conceptual Innovator providing consulting services to emerging brands and fashion tech startups. Having worked for a global fashion retailer as well as a NY-based retail innovation accelerator, Elena has 5+ years of experience in marketing strategy, brand awareness and storytelling practices. Her expertise involves different aspects of strategic communications that help Conceptualize promotional content in a manner that hits all the right chords with the brands.

Elena holds a BS of Management Science and Technology from Athens University of Economics and Business, and an MA in Fashion Studies with a focus on second-hand clothing markets and buy-sell- trade retail schemes. Her research encompasses many aspects of Fashion, Memory and Time throughout her academic years, such as Marking Time in Contemporary Fashion and Martin Margiela’s practice in defense of Slow Fashion among other papers.
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